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Installing I.C.E

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Installing I.C.E

Post by xr2irhys on 13/03/09, 04:35 pm

Disconnect the negative ( earth ) battery terminal ( To avoid the circuit earthing and completing the circuit,
this is a safety issue)

Choose your desired position of the amplifier in the boot (Close to an earth point)

Earthing is a way of getting the power back to the battery and completing the circuit ,
near enough every car you should find a good earth point already there

Run your power lead through the interior and to the boot ,
grab yourself a screwdriver and undo the screws on the amplifier ,
insert the power lead in the hole supplied and tighten screw to reassure that the leads wont become loose.

Connect your RCA leads ( red and white usually ) into the back of your head unit into either the front ,
rear , or sub output .. Depending on what you want to use your amp for..
E.G .. 6x9s or a set of components in the rear with the amp..
You would connect it to the rear output , or if it was just for pure bass to power an subwoofer ,
it goes in the sub pre out. Once again like with the power lead ,
run these cables trough the interior to the amp and plug in , red to red , white to white ,
or left to left right to right ( amplifiers and wires vary)

Remote lead remove your head unit ( if not done so ) and look for a blue wire in the audio loom..
Trim this wire back to reveal some bear metal , then connect the remote wire supplied with your
wiring kit for the amplifier to the remote lead from the head unit
( my recommendations are to use bullet connectors , or solder the wires together and wrap up
well with insulation tape , BARE WIRES TOUCHING METAL WIL NOT BE PRETTY. )

Earth cable As said, there should already be a earth for the car electrics already in the boot ,
so have a good look and hunt this down.. Undo with a spanner , slide the earth cable on and then replace the bolt .

Speakers/Subs first of all connect the cables onto the speaker(s) or subwoofer(s) ,
run the cables to the amplifier and first of all connect your positive wire ,
on the connecting hole marked + , and then connect your negative.
Also bare in mind that if you are wiring in your left speaker ..
Be sure you insert it in the left connection point of the amp.

Connect the positive wire for your amplifier to the positive battery terminal ..
Once this is secured in place , re-connect your negative of the battery.

picture shown below is of a double configuration, we will look at these at a later date.

And there you have it .. You should have a fully working and with a bit more extra sound or bass!

Happy modding

Hope this information is of some help.

Guide Written and On 23 Nov 2006 by Rhys



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